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There is a very diverse makeup of the hackaday community, but only a very narrow very specific type gets all the love from supplyframe. The goal of this project is to improve that, and make the hackaday sites more inclusive of the community.

This is not a substitute to #Feedback -

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Current Hackaday Prize structure ;-)

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  • 1 × Hackaday Prize Structure (rewards, timing, rules, etc.)
  • 1 × Article Submission Rules (pseudonymity, format, etc.)
  • 1 × Google reliance (natural way is to NOT ask Google to pretty-please violate everyones privacy)

  • 1
    Step 1

    Change The System From Within

    It is crucial to the success of this mission that Supplyframe accepts the recommendations that come out of this project. Therefore, it is necessary to create a project, gather support, and show to them that we are legion. The existence of this project page is the very first step.

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    Step 2


    The purpose of this project is to give a voice to those whose voice has repeatedly fallen on deaf ears. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial that everyone is allowed to contribute to this project in some way.

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    Step 3

    Issue List

    We must maintain a list of issues that need to be resolved. This should be suggestions from the community of things that are wrong with the way hackaday does things, and why we think they are wrong. This list is generally sourced from comments that are either ignored or ridiculed by hackaday staffers, despite having merit.

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