Device Feedback and Color Picker

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EtienneEtienne 03/12/2017 at 19:410 Comments

Over the last few days, I worked on a few things. firstly, a color picker input type. It simply consists of three sliders, one by color. The value from the input is saved as 3 decimals bytes formatted in a string as "red;green;blue". An example file can be found in the files section.

The other interesting thing I worked on is the device feedback feature. It present itself as a simple input type on the website. However, for the device (arduino, raspberry or whatever...), there is a new possibility. By connecting to the page saveRemoteSingleValue.php with 4 get arguments, the device will save the provided value, and display it on the remote(it actualise once per second). Those arguments are :

The syntax for this is simple :

This feature can, for example, allow you to confirm that the device has received the order from the remote. You can find an example of this exact case in the files section.

However, take care of the spaces you might send in the value, since any space will modify the http request, and create a 400 error. To solve this, replace all spaces by '%20', which will be converted back by the php page(this is a php feature, I didn't changed it).

The next feature I want to develop is an input type explorer and a way for you to create input types.

If you think another feature should come first, just comment. If you find a bug, please do so too.