I need help to design the website(Seriously, it's terrible...please help)

A project log for E-duino

An open source internet remote to control your arduino from anywhere

EtienneEtienne 03/14/2017 at 18:150 Comments

Hey, I was just reconsidering how ugly the website was, and I came up with this only solution. Ask for help. It costs me a lot actually. But yeah, whatever. If you're good with website design or just better than me (that's not hard, I can tell you), please mp me or leave a comment, I'll send you the files, or an html version of the files (the php can take a lot of space sometime).

Speaking of the website, I've started the contribute page, explaining how to create input types by yourself, to fit what you exactly need. I'll try to finish it by the week-end, and if I can't, at last for the middle of next week.