Sensor Breakout Boards Have Arrived

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A highly responsive wind controller with expressive continuous push buttons based on linear hall-effect sensors - A musical IoT device -

ventosusventosus 08/27/2014 at 16:380 Comments

Bad Timing

Two hours after the Hackaday Price deadline, the sensor breakout boards have finally arrived from OSHPark.

The respiratory air pressure sensor breakout board:

The linear hall effect sensor breakout board:

Reflow Soldering

The solder paste stencils have been laser cut at the local FabLab out of 120um mylar sheets...

...and they matched the pads perfectly...

...after some solder paste has been applied...

...and the components have been picked and placed manually...

...they were baked and were ready to be tried out...

Expressive Valve

The linear hall effect sensor breakout board is mounted at the lower end of the expressive valve build and will measure continuous magnet distance.

Blow sensor

Two brass tubes with 3mm bore diameter are taped together. One of them is connected to the pressure sensor, the other acts as a bleed.