Where has the Metal gone?

A project log for Control Or Sense

Supply Frame Residency project to make a no-code custom controller infrastructure for mobile devices.

Metalnat 04/22/2017 at 01:190 Comments

This although not entirely encompassed by scope of this project specifically, has undoubtedly been affected by it. And by it i mean life. I've made lots of progress in KiCad mastery, and ran into several new concepts that i'm still processing. Like getting a negative voltage on a system could be as easy as redefining my GND reference as a positive value, making my original GND my Vs-. I've also gotten some help making cables from a fellow maker from a completely different state. I can't wait to write up that post about how amazing this community is.

Now without going into all the details of where nearly all of my energy and time has gone, I'll just state that I've come to the decision to let go of any and all ownership of Burbank Makerspace and will continue to host the Sunday Funday open houses as a member only.

The good side of this decision means that i will have more time for contract work, Control-Or-Sense development, and documentation. Letting go was one of the toughest things I've had to do as of late, but necessary for progress on all things relating to personal life goals.

So thanks for sticking with me this far, and I hope these next few months are as fun to share as they are going to be to experience!



I'll be catching up on posts shortly. Just need to process all the media and text. The max file size of 5 mb does not agree with the photos i take from the DSLR... so there's now a process step. Which is funny that's it's an inconvenience because when i started making websites in 95, (i was 10) putting an image online was a serious task for managing content vs page load times. crazy, right?