To Build a Controller for Ants...

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Supply Frame Residency project to make a no-code custom controller infrastructure for mobile devices and other game systems.

MetalnatMetalnat 05/04/2017 at 08:430 Comments

and possibly penguins.

Say hello to tiny make-my-hand-hurt controller. Admittedly I did not think this one through. Well not at least in the usability department. Mostly it was just to have buttons i can connect later and use for a pocket sized test rig roughly based off of the SNES controller from days with some minor changes for extended testing. Like having switches that act like latching buttons in execution. And potentiometers for.... well something I have not come up with yet. That's a puzzle for Future Metal.

I've also made a more robust Teensy dev build with GND and VCC/5V/3V rails for quick testing of sensors. Admittedly all of the header female sockets bunched up like this has on occasion made for a blunder or two. But that's reason #17 why i like the Teensy so much. I've done many a dumb thing to them and yet they still keep kicking.

And a bottom view to better show what i mean by the GND and power rails.

I really like soldering and putting things like this together but we are already viewing a threshold stopping many from diving into this kind of build. I've taught many classes for something as simple as soldering to students that have never soldered, or have but felt super self conscience of their work. And after every class, every single student has left feeling confident that they can tackle most projects like this and after our discussion on how to use the multi-meter, feel like they can at least observe issues and have a chance at fixing issues. Sadly though I am not able to sit with everyone I meet, or friends from different stated to provide the same reassurance enabling them to continue forward. So how do we make these kinds of projects accessible? What are all the pitfalls that hinder people just starting, or getting past their first issues. That in part is a goal to be addressed through this project.