A new lamp idea: "snak1"

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Explorations in creating lamps with flexible light emitters & curved surfaces

todbottodbot 06/12/2017 at 22:170 Comments

This idea isn't baked at all, but I wanted a record of it. The basic concept is an illuminated hollow void.

It's see-through and yet it emits light. This started out as a vertical piece but I ended up liking it horizontal more.

This shape was intentionally designed to be able to be fabricated either via laser cut laminations or CNC routed on the shopbot:

Also one possible instantiation of the design had acrylic or delrin sheet diffuser panels on each side. (thus the screw holes) But I didn't like the look of that.

The "glowing void" aspect is really neat.

The problem, however, with implementing the "glowing void" is minimizing direct line-of-side with the LEDs. I think this can be accomplished by putting the LEDs into a small channel of 5-8mm deep.

Since this "glowing void" effect relies on light bounce to illuminate, future versions will have a bias on which way they face. In this one, the LEDs face down. If it were turned upside down, the LEDs would glare into your eyes.