A small mobile robot for teaching and hacking, based on TI MSP430 Launchpad

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This project is a "main-board" (or a BoosterPack if you want) to turn a TI MSP430 Launchpad into a small mobile robot.

It is designed to be easily hacked, modified, extended in order to fit multiple purpose : training, hacking, playing and, at first, teaching and learning.

The project's main part is a custom electronic board with LiPo battery charger, DC/DC converter and dual motor power interface. Put together with a slightly modified Ti Launchpad and a robot kit from Pololu, it make a very nice robot.

The sensor part is voluntarily omitted, save for optical encoders on the wheels, as it allows user to quickly attach and connect various kind of devices : Infra-Red or Ultrasonic range-finders, tactile switches, ...

This project has already been produced at about 300 units for teaching micro-controller programming in a University.

Sample student projects made with this robot : line-following, maze solving, random exploration, bluetooth and wifi remote-controlled.
  • 1 × TI MSP430 launchpad
  • 1 × SAMboard (custom)
  • 1 × Pololu robot kit Plastic base + 2 motors + screws and bolts
  • 1 × LiPo Battery 1300mAh

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