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A project log for RGB seven-segment display [RSSD]

My journey to create a big but thin, evenly illuminated seven-segment display.

JanJan 11/12/2018 at 09:120 Comments

Work on this project has been continued! I ordered a test PCB to try something new. Should arrive end of this week, I'll update my log then.

In a nutshell it'll be about getting everything thinner while making the whole unit bigger. I'll go for 100mm segment height and have worked on the "font" a bit. It's now easily scaled while maintaining enough space for the WS2813 LEDs.

New goal is to get down to 10mm thickness @ 100mm text height!

Talking about LEDs: I ordered 150x WS2813Bs and and 50x WS2812B mini (3535 case).