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I had a short on a 4-layered board with 1000+ components not too long ago. So I did what every normal guy would. I started removing resistors, capacitors, cutting out traces. Nothing. I couldn't locate it to save my life. Darwin award? Not so fast.

That got me googling, then it got me thinking. The only viable solution seemed to be a milliohm-microohm meter. But the short I had was between 3V3 and GND. That meant turning the board, scraping the traces, measuring the resistance. Still better than powering up the board and pouring alcohol on the components, but I wanted something even better. An OLED that would tell me the exact distance between two test probes.

That's the story of how I started gathering the info to validate my idea and start this project.

- USB Type C
- LMX2491
- ADL5904
- CH340
- 0.96" OLED
- Aluminum casing
- Integrated battery

More info coming soon...

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