STS-Pilot goes SANIC and UV4L

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Remote control web interface with live video for Raspberry Pi Robots

mark-dammer-mm0dqmMark Dammer MM0DQM 05/26/2019 at 14:500 Comments

Long time no see!

Here comes a new app called "" that uses the SANIC framework instead of flask. This app works with both Python3 and PyPy3, but not Python2. Videostreaming is now provided via the UV4L video driver/streaming server. UV4L must be installed separately. The default UV4L stream settings (Port 8080, /stream/video.mjpeg) are used to embed the video into the STS-Pilot web UI. This app was developed for increased video performance (UV4L) and better resource usage (PyPy3).

Check the GitHub repo for more details.