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A project log for OMNI 4 - a Kaypro 2x Logic Analyzer

A while back I acquired a rare logic-analyzer, whose lone system-diskette needed backing-up. Now this page is all things OMNI 4

Eric HertzEric Hertz 01/23/2020 at 09:250 Comments

These photos are of another unit found recently on ebay. [Photos used with permission]

If you decide to purchase this unit, please keep in touch, and consider joining the 'team' here to contribute!

This unit differs from mine in at least one notable way; mine doesn't say anywhere on it that it's a Kaypro 2x. @ziggurat29 had to figure this out by looking up Kaypro motherboards!

[Also, an odd note, apparently when using 'cpmtools', one must select 'kpiv', even though the Kaypro IV is an entirely different beast(?)]

[TODO: take similar shots of mine for side-by-side.]

This appears to have the drop-down door type latch floppy drives, whereas mine has the rotating lever-latch.

A manual!

"Kaypro 2x" heh, that'd've been handy

Hmmm, my pods are merely heatshrunk, and their cables merely ribbon cables. [And, crosstalk/interference was an issue]. Seems even more plausible, now, mine might've been a prototype?

A carrying case!