Piezo and Pico-8

A project log for GameBoy Zero, but smaller!!

My attempt to get the smallest, simplest GameBoy style device, based on the pi Zero

mooseprmoosepr 03/13/2017 at 10:230 Comments

So my testing with Piezo transducers seemed promising, although size wise they were a bit large for the project

So i did a bit of hunting and found some SMT sized transducers that could be squeezed onto the board in a future design

I cranked up the pi, added the necessary command into the config.txt (dtoverlay=pwm,pin=18,func=2), set the 3.5mm as the audio out, and cranked it up to full volume in alsamixer, and we have sound!!!!! very very quiet and tinny sound!! but hey, its never going to be used for the sound system at a party, or replacing your TV.

While i was playing, i thought i would give Pico-8 some love!! fresh install of Raspian lite, screen and button code installed, and Pico-8 dropped onto the card, and we are in 8 bit heaven!!!

The screen is actually too big for pico-8 (pixel wise) but the little nav switches actually work quite well, you get used to their quirks!!