testing the power

A project log for GameBoy Zero, but smaller!!

My attempt to get the smallest, simplest GameBoy style device, based on the pi Zero

mooseprmoosepr 03/15/2017 at 20:360 Comments

i have had a little bit more of a play with the power meter. using the 'dank tombs' tech demo in pico-8 let me easily adjust the CPU load so i could get a better feel for the range of power usage, and it seems pretty consistant (crappy phone shot alert)

on full blast (140% cpu ?!?!?)

and wind down the torch to limit the cpu

i also did a little test (no free hands for photo) using normal 'battery' voltage, and actually the current draw is higher!! with the power sat @ 4v, my multimeter peaked at about 250mah which is the same as i got from my old project, so it figures really!! also my super accurate usb power gauge seems to be about 10% low, although that was @ 4v, so maybe it is not calibrated for that