Quantity   Component name
1 × 2.2" ili9341 - 14 pin simple and small screen if you can get hold of them!! seems easier to get the screen on a board, than getting the naked screen
1 × Raspberry pi zero (or zero w) turns out the brains of the operation is actually one of the cheapest components
1 × custom PCB - https://oshpark.com/shared_projects/sYgn53n6 little bit pricey, and you have to order 3 boards, but OSHpark boards are good!
1 × TP4056 - charge/protect board just make sure you get the one with protection!!
1 × COM-10860 - surface mount right angle swtich teeny tiny switch. ideally the board needs a cutout to make it easier to operate (in the future we will have a microprocessor for this)
1 × PRT-08612 - right angle jst battery connector small enough to not get in the way, but big enough to be hand solerable
2 × COM-10063 - 5 way nav switch the pins on the switch are different sizes so orientation shouldn't be an issue
1 × 10 ohm 0805 resistor for the backlight 'brightness' control. I used 47 ohm and that was a little high. you could always just bridge the pads, as the backlight is tied to the 3.3v line, but its best to have a resistor there. couldnt find much info about the LED's in the backlight so it has been a little bit of trial and error really!!
1 × li-po battery the world is your oyster!! as long as the plug matches the jst socket, your golden. a quick test of power usage looks about 200 milliamps, so even a little 400mah drone battery should scrape 2 hours. just remember there is no warning when things are getting low!!