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A project log for Memristor Simulator for a Neural Network

Simulating the functionality of memristors using off-the-shelf parts to form a neural network crossbar array

justin-davisJustin Davis 04/18/2017 at 13:550 Comments

I'm working on a small PCB for the memristor simulator. I didn't really want a full-sized shield for the cost since there's barely anything to the project right now. Perhaps next version will include more parts. So it's more of a half-size shield. It only needs to connect to the one side of the Arduino Due and its SPI pins. I figure I would hack the Select pins for the SPI interface to the bottom size of the board. And then I plan to use the headers on the top side to plug in wires for the different interfaces. There's 6 memristors available, so that should be enough to do some simple experiments. The only problem is all the blank space on the board. I wonder if I can fill it up with other things. Maybe I should put a through-hole array for prototyping. It would be more useful than blank space at least.

I can order these from OSH Park for $16. I'll share the files as soon as I get them uploaded. I think they gave me a coupon once since I have a some projects on here, so maybe they'll even be free.