Got more stuff, received ordered electronic parts.

A project log for CNC Add-on: Rot. Laser Soldering Paste applicator

Using a cheap tire compressor, driven by a stepper motor, to apply solder paste from a syringe and then soldering small wires to components.

AltMarcxsAltMarcxs 07/23/2014 at 23:270 Comments

10 Opto-coupler, ULN 2003, 2 rectifier, 2 heat-sinks, Transformer 50VA, cables and other stuff.

I have 2 driver boards for the laser diodes, they need a power supply, each laser diode run a max current of 2.4A at this rates the forward voltage get to 5.5V, the driver board need min. 1.5V more, = 7V. Transformer has 2x 7Vac rectified = 8.1V.

The transformer/rect./cap. stays in the CNC case, but the laser driver board have to be near the diode, that why I'm going to mount the heat-sink/driver behind the Z and atop of the Y axis. Will be great!

An LM 340 will produce the 5V for the Arduino and also provide Voltage for the UV Laser/LED which will be commutated with an TIP 127.

The ULN 2003 drives a small 5 wire nema 17 stepper used to rotate the whole assembly, it will get it's power from the bridged 8.1 +8.1 V supply.

I got to be careful with this setup, at least one of the laser driver board needs 2 opto-couplers for the PWM signal and on/off. The boards are nice you set the max. current for the diode at 100% PWM and at 0% you leave just enough current to keep the diode in a lasing state. (the diode will last longer)

The arduino will receive via uart, the calculated angle, the power of the lasers, and UV laser/Led on/off. Also it should receive/act to the emergency stop interlock.