Update on Working on the electronics

A project log for CNC Add-on: Rot. Laser Soldering Paste applicator

Using a cheap tire compressor, driven by a stepper motor, to apply solder paste from a syringe and then soldering small wires to components.

AltMarcxsAltMarcxs 08/05/2014 at 02:040 Comments

Here the schematics of the Teensy controlled board, which receive via UART the coordinates and "Spindle Speeds" from the USB-CNC card, the VFD feedback, and 6 buttons with leds. STOP PAUSE PLAY are transmitted back to the USB-CNC card (also an E-STOP), then LEFT ENTER RIGHT will be used for navigating through menus and setups, displayed on the 2x40 char LCD.

Also 2 external valves are driven, a stepper driver ( the one for the compressor) also, a ref.position sensor for zeroing the stepper motor (again compressor).

And most important are the values send via UART to the Arduino mini-pro which sit on the machine with the laser driver and the ULN2003 for the other stepper motor (rotating the whole assembly).

Update: Small modification in the schematics AND building it on perf. board.

On this it misses the Teenys 3.1 for clarity ;-)