A general API client with automated triggering conditions for Android.

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Those of us who are tinkerers, web developers, and/or sys admins sometimes need to quickly hit a complex URL and read the response. This might be done for the sake of testing an API method, or reading a sensor at a remote location. Cheap, small webservers are now commonplace, and the temptation is to use the (now ubiquitous) smart phone as a remote control for all of these new web-connected devices.

This is a program I wrote when I was doing a lot of web development and server administration for a living.

I use my local installation of WebRemote to initiate scripts on my constellation of servers. I can do this either by touching buttons in a home-screen widget at time of demand, AND/OR on any other number of criteria.

IE, I have a FileObserver Trigger watching my camera directory, so that whenever the camera application drops an image there, it is uploaded to my home server via VPN automatically.

I have another Trigger targeted at a RasPi with sensors attached. I can read it's local sensors all from my home-screen.

Wipe logs....
Port-knock and challenge-response interaction with IP tables to unlock SSH ports...
Add or b& SIP users on an asterisk PBX....
Check various APIs for current bitcoin market metrics (price/vol/spread/etc)....

...endless options....

The Google play APK is pay-only, but it's more of a tip gesture, as the APK and build instructions are all at SourceForge.

WebRemote was developed when android 3 was the new hotness. So it's a bit out of date (GingerBread UI). I don't have the time to maintain it for free, but if someone else wants to improve it, I'll push my latest version out to GitHub (or SourceForge if you are like me, and prefer SVN) so that others can fork it.

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    Step 1

    The SVN tree is a project directory for eclipse (using the Google ADK). I would recommend using the project import tool in eclipse and selecting the check-out path as the source. Copy it into your workspace. That way, you can leave all the subversion/git cruft behind (as well as my possibly outdated eclipse settings).

    From there, you ought to be able to follow the normal android signed-export workflow to produce a runable APK.

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