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A project log for Atmel SAMC breakout

Simple breakout board for Atmel's SAMC 5V ARM chip.

westfwWestfW 07/03/2017 at 08:441 Comment

I sent the design out to OSHPark, and have received real boards that look pretty good (the slots for the USB connectors didn't work, but everything else looks pretty good.)

Gee, those pads look awfully tiny "In Real Life", compared to how big they looked blown up on my monitor when I was working on them in EAGLE! I'm reviewing tutorials on QFN soldering without fancy equipment, and have practiced with some simpler SMT components and the hotplate that I own; that seemed to go "ok", but I don't really have any "practice" QFN chips (I've got some SSOPs) or boards (though I did find some SO-sized scrap boards...)

And it seems that a toothpick is probably "too big" a tool for applying solder paste...


Just4Fun wrote 07/03/2017 at 14:17 point

Usually I use a 18G needle (if I remember well) for .5mm pitch QFP...

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