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GiovanniGiovanni 04/29/2017 at 01:460 Comments

This week flew fast!

Shopbot is a few steps away from being fully adjusted and ready for some serious CNC toolpathing (if that's a word). In the meantime, I have moved away from plastic design, to... MOLD DESIGN! Yup, that was fast. Now, at any given time I have around ten thousand tabs open on my Chrome browser, all related to: Advanced Injection Molding, Beginning Injection Molding, to Google, define: "molding" (if you don't get the Simpsons' reference, you're too young).

The molds plates will be made on aluminum and the cavity and core will be 3D printed. This is new technology that is still being tested, so there are not a lot of documents with definitive answers. But I think the combination of a small plastic injection machine + Tormach + Form 2 SLA 3D printer can only yield interesting results. Not a lot of interesting images this week, but something tells me the next will be pretty exciting.