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GiovanniGiovanni 05/07/2017 at 04:200 Comments

I love the smell of..... methacrylate resin, burnt mdf, and molten ABS in the morning.

Smells like... victory?

All three machines were operational (I was working on the extruder) and it was early in the morning so I wasn't giving up my cup of coffee just to go and make sure my printing was working right. How irresponsible would that be?

When designing products or molds that need standard components, nothing beats McMaster-Carr and Parts4CAD. It is really easy to look up specific components directly from Fusion 360 and load them to your models. Instant gratification (or frustration)!. The McMaster library definitely works for Solidworks too, and there might be other 3D Apps that can use it too. Or just download the STP files directly from their website.

So not a lot of photos this week. I have been working on the mold and that means some walking down to the injection machine and browsing through papers and more papers. Sometimes dimensions are expressed in mm, sometimes in inches!

And this is what's been keeping me busy. Almost all the basics are there, next week for fine-tuning, stock material acquisition, standard components verification: