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GiovanniGiovanni 05/14/2017 at 21:530 Comments

So I was prepared to start a 3D printing of the whole mold, with cavities other components and stuff. Of course, everything printed separately. I am planning to build a mock-up mold that we can load on the injector and verify dimensions before buying and printing the expensive stuff.

That's when David suggested a great idea: while there are some components that must be 3D printed, some parts of the mold can be layers of mdf cut with a laser cutter. This probably requires an extra 2 hours of my time, but the mock up core/cavity can be ready in one day, instead of the planned 3 - 4 days of a gigantic printing task (provided that my prayers to our Lady of the Perpetual ABS warping are heard).

The BOM will be ready tomorrow and I will post it here a few days later. If anyone finds something there that does not look right, any comments will be deeply appreciated!

As far as the Organizer goes, it is experiencing some manufacturing problems. Apparently, maple's hardness is too much for the band saw and it will not cut through. That forces us to cut a series of steps to form a slope that then can be shaved off. Interesting approach, but if you are ever thinking of mass manufacturing (where you usually pay machine/hour use), this approach is far from desirable. Back to the drawing board!