Dr. Horrible's Death/Stun Ray Prop Replica

This is an exact 1:1 scale replica of the death/stun ray featured in Joss Whedon's: Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog.

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This project from research to completion took approximately 6 months to create. It is a "working" model. It has a scope and (harmless) "laser," as well as RGB LED lights that are all connected to the trigger mechanism. The gun also has speakers for sound effects and a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack.

I provide an extremely detailed pdf documentation of the entire project including, but not limited to: history of the original prop, evolution of the prop, references to other helpful builds (that inspired my process), step by step guide to my build, pictures along the way, pdf blueprints, and LED program codes. This is so that anyone can replicate my build for themselves.

As this is a Sci-Fi prop replica, I did bring it to a few events at which I was able to show the replica weapon to two actors from the show that had personally handled the on screen prop (Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day), both of whom marveled at the authenticity of my build.

I wanted to build this replica to be as accurate as possible. When I say that my research is extensive, I more accurately mean that is was all encompassing. There was very little information available publicly regarding the history and construction of this weapon. So if you are a Sci Fi geek or a Joss Whedon fan, then I highlighly recommend reading through the first few pages of my build. Anything that you would ever want to know about this gun is in there.

If you are more interested on the build methods, you will find those in great detail as well. Before this build I had never programmed before (excluding some basic copy/paste-ing of html code). Since I wanted this prop to have a WOW effect and really appear as if it were working I decided to include an array of LED lights placed strategically (since not featured in the original) to add a cool visual effect to the weapon. I downloaded the arduino programming IDE and borrowed a C+ book of my grandfather's, and was able to teach myself enough programming over to pull of this build.

I would like to mention and thank my grandfather Jeff Clark who worked on this project with me in his workshop. Although the project was my idea, my grandfather is responsible for a lot of the hard and often tedious work. I love working on projects and learning from him, and being able to experiement and build things with him has inspired me to pursue a future in a STEM field. I hope to create many more projects even better than this one in the future.

Death Ray Rifle Replica (1).pdf

This is the build documentation.

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    Jess Mollerup03/06/2017 at 06:32 0 comments

    This project is mostly complete. That is to say, I ran short on time when I was originally building and had to finish the project before successfully programming the sound effects. Everything on the gun operates well. At this point I would like to eventually finish adding the ability to incorporate sound effects. As well as I would like to find a way to mold & cast the build (without damaging it!!) so that I could sell casts of it to interested parties.

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    Step by step build instructions accompanied by photographs, design dimensions etc can be found in the pdf file attached to this project.

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