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A cheap, yet surprisingly good rendition of a 3D scanner

Joshua ConwayJoshua Conway 10/30/2014 at 02:190 Comments

I finally have the bulk of my calibration code written, with only the line selection / saving as the last step. Everything that's touched is calibrated and measured!

Mainly, what next to do is the line selection / saving , writing the 3D scaning portion, and then updating the Arduino code to reflect a more GCode base.

From there, I can easily generate a pointcloud file with X, Y, Z, as well as RGB attached to each coordinate. Once I am at this point, I will look into how hard it is to calculate surfaces using PCL.

I also have to fix errors like my Makefile. I'm unsure how to do that, given this is my first real undertaking of programming. However, documentation online is very good. I'll get it done soon.