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A cheap, yet surprisingly good rendition of a 3D scanner

Joshua ConwayJoshua Conway 07/28/2014 at 11:400 Comments

Right now, the Processing applets I have made and published on github do indeed work. The actual scanner application does talk to the arduino, acquires photos, and then processes them for 3d data. Awesome. But it's crap. Here's why:

1. No calibration to speak of - every time I move webcam, I have to calculate center, and I should also calculate the slope of the line.

2. I have to manually change resolutions in Processing. Every detection sketch fails on my better webcam with the FPS at 15/2 and expecting INTs.

3. I want full OpenCV functionality - like camera calibration and hough transforms (line/circle detection). But I need Java or C for that.

And the 3rd point goes into what I am currently working on: I'm learning Java proper so I can write a better program that does what Processing was supposed to do!