Line lasers received, work on new box ; OpenCV and C++

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A cheap, yet surprisingly good rendition of a 3D scanner

Joshua ConwayJoshua Conway 07/30/2014 at 18:490 Comments

I now have the 2 line lasers I ordered! So, my total inventory is 2 line lasers and a point laser (with glass rod that makes 3rd dirty line laser). 

I also have a gifted (lsusb) 046d:082d Logitech, Inc. HD Pro Webcam C920 ! Yes, this is a $70 webcam that captures at 1920x1080! 

I'm also revising my decision to go with Java. I have fought and fought with the multitude of libraries that claim to properly open up webcams in Linux (OpenCV, webcam-capture, FMJ, JMF, Marvin...). Alas, I either end up with driver failures in opening the libraries, or they are capped at 640x480, which is no better than my PS2 Eyetoy. Doing that loses me 6.75x resolution data.

Below is the output of a QT5 program I wrote using OpenCV and C++ at the max resolution my camera supports. Took only 20 minutes, and that's including learning C++ grammar (I already knew C):

And this is a snapshot of my and my wife's artistry. We both painted it together (we hopped from side to side). And it was my first time painting :)