Objective: Connect common SSD1306 OLED screen to the frugal ESP8266 in a effort to develop a personal IoT common hardware core. Cost ~ $16.

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I wanted to become familiar with the ESP8266 and NodeMCU hardware as a cheap and powerful Arduino replacement. I also wanted to select a common display I could roll into ESP based IoT projects. I had used the SSD1306 in the past on other projects but i wasn't sure how ESP friendly it would be. With some digging i turned up a great library for doign exactly what i wanted to do. Big thank you to Daniel Eichhorn and Fabrice Weinberg for taking time to write and share this awesome library.

Just a guide describing the setup process for adding ESP boards to Arduino IDE and installing the SSD1306 OLED driver library in the Arduino IDE.

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    Step 1

    IDE SETUP - Get NodeMCU ESP-12E working with Arduino

    Go to Arduino Preferences

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    Step 2

    Add to the "Additional Boards Manager URLs: (be sure to use a comma between URL's.

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    Step 3

    Go to Arduino Boards Manager

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Michel wrote 03/18/2017 at 15:15 point

Good piece but I would recommend a Wemos (D1 Mini) for reliabiliy issues.

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