Inspiration and First Steps

A project log for Variable speed & angle asynchronous servo control

Arduino program to provide complete, flexible control of servo motors.

doctekdoctek 03/12/2017 at 00:380 Comments

The seminal idea for this project came from a discussion at an Arduino Interest Group meeting in San Diego. One person mentioned that he had a kinetic sculpture and wanted to animate it with servo motors. He asked if anyone knew how to control the servos with an Aduino. We discussed his project needs and I said I'd see if I could find any useful info. When I started googling, I realized the problem didn't really have a good solution that I could find. Reason enough to see what I might come up with. Goal: Control 9 (min) to 12 (limit of Servo library) stepper motors independently to sweep to a desired position in a given time. Allow other functions to run simultaneously, if possible. Use minimal external components.

While I found no complete solution, I did discover a huge step in the right direction! Bill Earl at Adafruit shows how to create an Arduino program to sweep two servos back and forth (0 to 180 degrees) at a programmed rate. His program is interrupt driven so the sweep rates are independent. This struck me as the perfect place to start!