A project log for Washing Machine Conversion

Converting a Manual switched washing machine in to a Arduino powered smart washer.

Boris van GalvinBoris van Galvin 03/08/2017 at 09:160 Comments

After writing some code and making the thing work then connecting the motors things were not working as I would have expected. The arduino started to lock up and do some really weird things and the USB would drop out for no reason.

I re-wrote the code several times thinking that it was something I had done then made s really simple for loop that did the same thing.

It turns out that the motors when running on 240V and connected to the relay was creating some RFI that was getting picked up by the arduino's clock causing it to lock up and do some weird things.

So I decided to lineament a snubber circuit made up from a .47UF cap and a 1W 47ohm resistor connected across the relay points. in theory it should be connected in series to the motor but this was not working correctly and made little difference

Why they don't build this on the the duinotech board in the first place is any ones guess as most people using this board would suffer from the same problem.