Minimum viable product - reading NFCs

A project log for NFC Multitool

A portable tool to scan and read information from NFC tags based on the PN532 IC used to explore body implants and other NFC applications.

zalmotekZalmotek 03/10/2017 at 11:220 Comments

The features that I want to develop with the prototype are:

- Read NFC tags and display their type and UUID values on the display (Done)

- Access the memory side of NFCs (WIP)

- Provide simple notifications via RGB led of the state of the device & Buzzer (WIP)

- Implement storing the read data to the SD card that is present behind the display (WIP)

Lessons learned the hard way during this iteration :)

- the breakout board of the PN532 works at 3v3 logic while the shield versions works at 5v

- the PN532 antenna present on the breakout board has to be 0.7-10 mm further away from other electronic components or battery since it messed with the magnetic field and the range of reading decreases dramatically. Initially I wanted a slimmer case but because of this I had to compromise with another 5mm just so the implant in my hand was read easily. Also to get better reception I did a grove on the back of the device exposing the antenna.