Testing time

A project log for WallY, completely automatic wall garden

A self-sustaining ecosystem build to solve the problem of growing vegetebals in a flat or in an unsuitable medium

alize-boussacAlizée Boussac 06/01/2017 at 01:130 Comments

Today we tried to make some of the components work together. There was the step motor that we made turn on one direction when the DHT sensor was above a certain amont of humidity. Some of the drawing we found on internet were not so accurante (we all know the one and only wire that make everything go wrong).

Thanks to that manipulation, we notice that if the wireing was good it was quit simple to code. We only had to take the value of the sensor, put it in a variable and that use an if to make a condition on the other component. So at the end we did 3 different test. DHT with step moter. Photoresistor with a LED and Photoresistor with step motor.