Calibration Sunday

A project log for dBSound Bracelet

This project aims at protecting people's hear when they are under exposure of loud noises such as a live music concert or nightclubs.

dbsound-braceletdBSound Bracelet 05/12/2017 at 09:140 Comments

Howdy folks,

Yup we just uploaded a log yesterday but it's time for another one. Calibration was did few day ago in order to make the led blink when it should

Password for the videos : dbsound

Here is the system when the sound was loud, probably between a 100 and 120dB.

And here it is with a slighly lower volume.

You probably can't tell the difference with the iphone mic obviously but the system parameters were the same, only the volume was changed between those 2 shots.

For those who are HI-FI enthusiast here is the setup :

Celestion CS7

Sansui AU-555U

the CD is jazzmatazz vol. 1 by Guru.