• Nothing Into Something

    SereNada04/23/2017 at 20:02 0 comments

    So we had all the components to do the Wristband but here's the problem...The Tacit Code doesn't work , we tried it plenty of time and it didn't work out.

    So i made myself ( Yoshua ) a brand new cod that works. Basically if the obstacle is on the right side , the wristband will vibrate at the rightside and same for the left side.So the connection are different as well. Indeed the Tacit Projet inspired us but since we can't make it we're now trying to improve it.

    The next week mission will be to put the buzzer into the circuit and if we have the time maybe try to put a female voice ( even though it's too ambitious lol )

    I'll soon put the sketch ( once i'ill done it ).

  • The programation and construction

    SereNada04/21/2017 at 10:05 0 comments

    After we get all of the components required for our project, we made our first set up with wires cables (like you can see in our pictures) and we test the functionning of our program log in Arduino and GitHub applications.

    This is the first step to realize our ambitious design!

  • The beginning of the Conception

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    We received most of our components, so we can now start the conception of our device. But a few components are missing so we are going to start by the programmation.

  • Too ambitious

    SereNada03/31/2017 at 07:52 0 comments

    We wanted to make a device that will help the blind person with the voice of a women that will indicate to him where the obstacle are. But we found out that it was too ambitious and the time that we have is not enough. So we decided to first make a device with a buzzer that will vibrates when it detects an obstacle and then if we have still time remaining we will try to do it with the women's voice.

  • The Ideaaaaa

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  • Prologue

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    We are engineering students from ESME SUDRIA. At the CRI, we are guided by engineers to develop a project that fits in the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals).

    1. So the first step is to find an idea.