Controller fully operational

A project log for Manual SMT Pick and Place Machine

CNC machine and custom made stepper motor controller to manually pick up SMT components and place them on a PCB with microscopic accuracy.

Tegwyn☠TwmffatTegwyn☠Twmffat 04/22/2017 at 15:140 Comments

Well that was the easiest de-bugging that I've ever done. No more motor vibration by employing mega amounts of oversampling and float to integer conversion in the code and no more hot chips due to motor's power not turning off - again, an easy coding solution was found. My only disappointment is that the project was way too easy and not really much of a challenge, but this does mean it will also be easy to replicate, which is a good thing ..... And, of course, it will be a very useful tool for people with poor eyesight or unsteady hands .... or both.