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Make young people realize through a short video game that those problems are real.

Hello everyone, this EcoAdventure project is meant to sensitize young men and women on their implication in the sustainable development issues.

That's why we created an educational game who will live thru different choices you'll make during the video game story mode. Indeed each moment in the game will be depending on the previous, every choices will be followed by different consequences


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  • End of the project

    pierre-luc05/28/2017 at 18:38 0 comments


    We work on the oral presentation with our final product. We finish out three games and we are proud because we don't know nothing about programming a video games. But we succeed and we have our three little games. We faced a lot of difficulties but at the the three game are here.

    Objectives: Finish all the project, the oral presentation with videos and all the stuff.

  • Finish all our games

    pierre-luc05/28/2017 at 18:30 0 comments


    We finish the second game on scratch and we are working on unity to finish all our game for the final presentation. Actually we are thinking of a third idea because we don't really know what to do. A quizz it's not really a good idea because it's not going to be entertainment for players.

    Objectives: A quick brainstorm to find a good idea to finish the last game and start to programming it.

  • We have to hurry up

    pierre-luc05/28/2017 at 18:18 0 comments


    We are two weeks away from the final presentation so we start to hurry things up. By now, we have created one game on scratch. The purpose of this game is to put trashes in the right bin. You have three different bins, the yellow one, the green one and the grey one. At the end of the game, you have a score, and you know if you are a good at recycling or not. Keep playing this until you get a score of 20 out of 20, and then you will be a good ecologist. We also have a second game that we are creating a bit different than the first one. Basically, you have trashes falling down the sky and your goal is to put the right bin in the right place so that the trash fall in the right bin.

  • Programming the first game

    pierre-luc05/28/2017 at 18:17 0 comments


    We are creating our first game on scratch in the game the player has to put garbage in the different trash. For that we have to creat a lot of objects and the differents trash. On scratch we can control all the objects and when you click on it they can go were you want

    Objectives : Finish the game and start a new one.

  • Start of the creation

    pierre-luc05/28/2017 at 11:06 0 comments


    We start to create our differents games but we take very long time to begin and to have something usable. We face a lot of difficulties to make objects moves and to create the background of the game. We think to use Paint or use pictures for the background.

    Objectives: Beginning of the final product and creation of differents background.

  • Beginning of the creation

    pierre-luc05/28/2017 at 10:47 0 comments


    We things to create little games like pong to have a good control of scratch and unity. Three of them work on scratch and the last one work on unity. We face some difficulties during the creation of this first game because scratch is really different of the other software we used before.

    objectives: Create a pong on scratch and on unity. Understand how it's work and have a good control of it.

  • Ideas for little games

    pierre-luc05/28/2017 at 10:28 0 comments


    We think about doing little games. After that users have to complete a test to know if there are good ecologist or not. The game consist to finish the three games and after to succeed in the quiz. If you have a good grade you are considered as a good ecologist. In the first game players have to pick up as many trashes as they can before they run out of time. For the second one, players have to put trashes in the good trash the yellow, the green,... After that, there is a third games where players have to switch off the light the faster they can.

  • Change of the type of game

    pierre-luc05/27/2017 at 13:03 0 comments


    We decide to create three little games because it's really hard to creat a big one with our level in programmation. So we think to use scratch and unity. We have differents ideas fo the game but we have to brainstrom and begin our differents games.

    Objectives: Brainstrom to find cool ideas for our little games.

  • Understand the software

    pierre-luc05/27/2017 at 11:03 0 comments


    We creat differents stories for our game because the background is really important in our project. We think to do a narrative game with choices, the player has to do choices to survive and to save the earth. For that we watch a lot of tutotrials to understand and to begin something on the software we chose : "Unreal Engine".

    Objectives: understand unreal engine and creat differents choices and differents ends for our game.

  • Creating story for the game at first

    pierre-luc05/27/2017 at 11:02 0 comments


    Our main goal is to create a really funny game to understand the actual problem of earth and sustainable development issues. We want to educate the youth population and to make her realize the issues are real and concern everyone. It's an advertize game and with that we can contact more people.

    We are watching tutorials about adventure games because we are using adventure game studio to create our game. We need to learn different skills to make people move or create interraction between users and the game. We can also take a game already create and change a part of the code. We think we can create differents types of mini-games like that our message is going to be more easy to understand. After that we download unreal engine beacause we think we can do something on it and because on role creator we need lot of skills we don't have actually.

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