First experiment: CO sensor

A project log for P.A.M.

Pollution Air Monitoring

pamPAM 04/21/2017 at 13:370 Comments

Today, we tried the CO sensor.

We used the information in the previous log to understand the connections. We decided to try first on an Arduino Leonardo card, because on a nano it will be the same principle.

Here is a photo of the circuit we made:

Then, we wrote a code in the Arduino software. We put the code below:

This code give the quantity of CO in the air in ppm(parts per million) multiply by 100, every 100ms.

You need then to verify and compile the code on the Arduino. Take care to check if you are connected to the right type of board and in the right COM port. This is what we get:

We wanted to try then to take the measure every 30s, means every 30000ms.

We just had to chage the delay value (in ms).

There is about 1,35 ppm of CO in the air, in our classroom.

It worked really well!! We need now to choose at which frequency we want to have the measures.