this project will be used to measure someone's respiratory rhythm via a bracelet installed on your arm.

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Why this project: people do not know in what state they are as they cannot measure their pulse and respiratory rhythm at any time.
People who have sleeping problems such as breathing at the same time. Another example, people who have cardiac issues do not have the opportunity to keep track of themselves.

What we want to achieve: create a bracelet that can save all these information and send them to your phone. A History function will be put in place so you can witness the evolution of your body throughout your experience with our product.

The basic Idea :

  1. We are going to use the Arduino platform to relay the data recorded by the captor to your phone with the aid of the inbuilt wifi shield.
  2. The data will be inalized by the arduino card and then sent to a App on your phone that will display the treated information.
  3. The phone App should be able to display and save the recorded information.

The project should support iOS ( Android is not intended for now but might be added)

    • 1 × arduino 101 we will use this arduino for the prototype
    • 1 × arduino nano used as the proper arduino
    • 1 × silicone rubber material used for the bracelet
    • 1 × sensor SPO2 emits green light and senses when the blood absorbs the green light
    • 1 × PCB make place inside the bracelet to put all our components
    • 1 × battery used for watches

    • 04/07/2017 : fusion 360 and troubles

      M.A.B04/07/2017 at 13:35 0 comments

      getting further on fusion 360 ;)

      We are going to have one main frame with a second part that will slide in from the top (Y axis), this part will be a "L" that would cover the top too .

      For the way to "lock it" , well we are still thinking about it ... (And to attach it to yourself)

      On the other hand , we still didn't receive the captors and extra parts for our device :( Waiting eagerly for those !

      On the other hand we are also on the programming of the Arduino.

    • 04/07/2017

      M.A.B04/07/2017 at 13:30 0 comments

      • fully finished application on iPhone using Blynk
      • going further on the physical concept of the box
      • coding for the wifi shield

    • 03/31/2017

      M.A.B03/31/2017 at 14:23 0 comments

      1. Starting to modelize the device's shape on fusion360

      2. Dropped Xcode for Blynk

      3. Just received the arduino nano and genuino 101

    • 03/24/2017

      M.A.B03/24/2017 at 14:33 0 comments

      1.Fully made the project page.

      2.Started developement on phone App for iOS (software: Xcode)

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    • 1

      You can download the blynk app on the apple store or on the google store etc...

      After you decide to create a new project, they will give you a long list of devices you want your app to be connected to and what type of connections you want. we have chosen the Arduino Nano and a WIFI type of connection.

      As for the content of your app, they will offer you a certain amount of content for free. For our app, there were way enough space for what we needed : to blocs to present 2 values (heart beat + breathing)

      the "hardest" thing to do is to properly connect each of your values to the pins of your arduino

      note : the zebra is a personal touch, had some credits left ;)

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    Richard wrote 03/18/2017 at 14:30 point

    We all sort of know how we breathe when we are awake but I want to know what goes on when I sleep.  I am told I have sleep apnea, so I would be VERY interested in being able to monitor and log breathing as well as blood/oxygen. 

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    M.A.B wrote 03/18/2017 at 22:52 point

    very nice observation richard thanks guess we will have a mode for the day and a mode at night for people who want to know what happens etc... thanks again! :)

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