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    phili07/23/2014 at 13:43 0 comments

    Hi, this project is a gift to a friend. I m building him a nixie clock with some specs.

    - Time

    - Alarm

    - Color (Led + UV reactive paint + eventually bar graph in 9)

    - Wifi (openwrt backed on a wr703n)

    - Video (optional)

    Right now i received the board, cleaned it ( it was removed from an old computer I guess, cut cable parts missing), and tested it. So far the k155 seem ok and the nixie seem's to not have been domaged by time.

    The next steps are :

    - baking the arduino code with the right wiring ( 7*4 it means 28 I/O) so I m waiting for the i/o extender on i2c. I ll have to check the RTC also on i2C

    - ntp time over serial

    - flasing openwrt on a new wr703n, still have two spare at rev 1.5

    - lots of toggle switch 

    - encasing : found a openlab with a lasercutter , need to design part pattern and mecanism.