French articles (some under Creative Commons)

This is just a collection of resources I have written over the years...

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I have written my first article in 1995 (which later became the subject of my Master's thesis) then started contributing to the french GLMF (GNU/Linux Magazine France) in 1999.

I have lost track of the number of pages that were published but it's "well over 300". So far I have written more than 60 articles, often more than 10 pages long. I have tried to keep records on my personal web site but you know how organised I am...

This project wanted to supplement or even replace but mainly it advertises the articles that have been released under the Creative Commons licence, because I believe them to be meaningful and important !

20200731 : cleanup of many dead links...

This page serves 2 purposes :

  • share the resources I have created for all those articles (because and are not the most convenient)
  • maintain a somewhat not-too-inaccurate bibliography (since the editor's site often lags and/or misses a thing or two)

I also try to track those articles I asked the editor to publish under CC (and which he forgot).

Some files are available on the web (without the publisher's approval), I provide the links for the sake of completeness.

The publisher maintains its own (incomplete) list at






1996.02 "SOUFFLERIE NUMERIQUE SANS CALCUL" Pascalissime#64 16-42 NO
1999 about the F-CPU project GLMF#15

2001 "Développer en VHDL sous Linux" (using Vanilla VHDL & Simili) GLMF#36

2001 a little Xlib-based tool that monitors the CPU load Linux
Loader #2

2004.05 "GDUPS ou la chasse aux fichiers dupliqués"
see #gdups for the most recent version
GLMF#61 56-65 NO
2005.1 "Installation, préparation, entretien et récupération des disques durs"
Groom and mourn you HDD (my first cover)
GLMF#68 30-45 NO
2005.6 "Introduction à la compression de données : validation d'un benchmark libre"
Characteristics of a free benchmark for lossless sound compression (DSP and spectra for dummies)
GLMF#73 16-25 NO
2005.7 "Introduction à la compression de données : mise en évidence de l'entropie"
Entropy exposed (Shannon's principles, coding theory, the nature of information...)
GLMF#74 46-60 NO
2005.9 "Tuning de code : optimisation d’un filtre UNIX sous Linux"
Tuning disk read and write bandwidth (benchmarking of the Linux Kernel with different R/W buffer sizes, multithreaded solutions, "pipe buffer" Unix utility)
GLMF#75 72-83 NO
2005.12 "Réalisation du CRC pour le conteneur MDS" GLMF#78 70-86 NO
2006.3 "Les nombres pseudo-aléatoires pour les nuls (enfin, pas trop quand même)"
Understanding Pseudo-Random Number Generators (Galois fields, primitive polynomials, optimized PRNG: 500MB/s, P3@700MHz)
GLMF#81 64-76 NO
2006.6 "Adieu à Uqbar, le supercluster vectoriel de l’IDRIS" (Interviews, introduction to scientific HPC, vector vs SMP...) GLMF#84 6-18 NO
2006.7 "Sciences/Théorie de l'information : propriétés et dérivés des CRC et LFSR"
(Galois vs Fibonacci configurations etc.)
GLMF#85 84-93 NO
? "Quelques techniques d'optimisation en C" ?

2007.04 "Conception de l'algorithme CRC16-64 (première partie : le scanner/balayage à haute vitesse)" GLMF#93

2007.05 "Personnalisation (un peu brutale) du système de login et des terminaux virtuels" GLMF#94

2007.07 "tGFSR32x4 : un nouvel algorithme pour la signature de données" GLMF#96

2007.10 "Prologue et épilogue de l'algorithme de signature rapide tGFSR32x4" GLMF#98 86-
2007.11 "Algorithme de fragmentation pour MDS" describes a smart algorithm to prevent the "tiny remainder" problem when cutting blocks into smaller ones GLMF#99 86-93 WAS
2008.05 "Accéder aux fichiers en JavaScript (ou le Cross-Site Scripting utile)"
(a dirty trick with a PHP loopback to save JS data on a file)
GLMF#105 42-54
2008.06 "Introduction à la programmation graphique avec le framebuffer" GLMF#106 66-76
2008.07 "Le CEA plébiscite les superclusters et l'Open Source"
(one of the best articles I have ever written, according to some)
LMHS#37 4-19
2009.01 "Programmation graphique : vers le framebuffer et au-delà !" GLMF#112 82-?
2009.11 "Un algorithme additif et itératif pour construire les Nombres Premiers"
(Study of wheel algorithms to generate prime numbers)
GLMF#121 65-75 YES
2010.04 "Le VHDL pour ceux qui ont débuté" GLMF#126 54-61...
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Andrew Starr wrote 12/22/2019 at 01:50 point

Merci beaucoup Yann! J'apprends le français à l'université, et je crois que ces articles m'aiderai utiliser des termes techniques en français...

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Yann Guidon / YGDES wrote 12/23/2018 at 04:28 point

Oh I reached 70 articles under my own name. Not bad ! :-D

Though I know people who have written much, much more...

  Are you sure? yes | no

AVR wrote 08/02/2018 at 12:08 point

welp I need to start learning French 

  Are you sure? yes | no

Starhawk wrote 12/20/2019 at 15:56 point

Me too... I really only know one word and it's the one that starts with "M" and gets you slapped ;)

I can say it really well (for an American) though!

  Are you sure? yes | no

Yann Guidon / YGDES wrote 11/01/2020 at 08:26 point

There's a M-word that people like, though : "merci" :-)

  Are you sure? yes | no

Starhawk wrote 11/01/2020 at 08:36 point

@Yann Guidon / YGDES -- that's not the word! ;)

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