Power Supply & Controller

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Use sceen backlight acrylic to make a design light

Stanislas BertrandStanislas Bertrand 03/19/2017 at 21:390 Comments

I plan to design a custom power and controller board for the LED strips. Meanwhile I have assemble a temporary one.

The power requirement per panel is the following : 6 Strip x 5 RGB x 60mA@5V + 6 Strip x 1 Series White x 20mA@12.6V = 1.8A@5V + 120mA@12.6V = 9W (RGB) + 1.512W (White). I have 3 panel so I need a little more than 31.5W.

I got buck regulators on ebay. They are rated 3A. I first used only a single green regulator to power the whole lamp. The regulator when into thermal limit and I could only light the RGB at 25%.

I installed 3 other regulators, one per panel. They do heat up a bit but do not enter thermal protection.

The White LED are not cabled yet.

I use an ESP12F micro to control the lamp. It is WiFi enabled. I can control the colors from my phone which is pretty cool.