Wifi Outlet Hacking

Cheap Chinese wifi switches that turn out to be quite hackable

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So I picked up a few wifi switches on amazon when there was a good sale. Never was thrilled with the app that it required, so I went about reverse engineering it..

After taking it apart (1 screw and snapping it open) it turns out it has a cheap esp-8266 microcontroller wifi module ( the esp-12F to be exact).

I will update the documentation as I get more figured out.

Looking at the design and the 2 different brands I have looked at it looks like these, like most chinese consumer products are probably just rebrands of the same product.

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falk wrote 03/13/2017 at 07:55 point

I can recommend the sc20 series of esp8266 based switches itead makes. The switches are a bit cheaper than what was linked from amazon. The board design is fairly impressive for a chinese product and would have no problem getting a CE certificate if the transformer is of similar high quality.

Oh, and there is a wiki with inside pictures hosed by itead. There are also what seems like countless projects for custom firmwares for it :)

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Anders Frihagen wrote 03/13/2017 at 06:57 point

from amazon:

"Question: Does it work with Alexa dot?

Answer: Revising answer below to YES!!! Download the Tuya Smart App instead of the UCSmart App on the directions. With the Tuya Smart app you can then pair with Echo Dot (Alexa). Just did mine.

(this is the Hausbell 701U, worth a try on the  AUOSMART?)

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Chris Jones wrote 03/13/2017 at 05:28 point

The switch was this one

But this 2 pack of a different brand also looks to be the same exact board.

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