Xiaomi Mi smart sensor Hack

This project is a hack of a Xiaomi Mi smart sensor in aim to develop your proper code with a zigbee protocol

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The goal of this project is to use a great lowprice hardware to reuse with your proper zigbee protocol.

Thank to this project, you can make your proper coordinator with a 6$ sensor. With a USB/Serial TTL converter, you have all you need for a Zigbee/Serial gateway.

When it's done, you can reprogram all of your Xiaomi sensors to be avalaible with your gateway. This hack allow you to get a lowprice domotic system

In this project you will see :

- How to spot the programing port of Xiaomi Sensor

- How to create a UART Programer

- How to install and use programing software

- How to get original Network Key and decode payload

  • 1 × USB / Serial TTL FTDI USB / Serial TTL converter
  • 2 × Push button
  • 2 × 10Kohm resistor

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