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    Step 1
    1. insert cam jig into front of cam gear, using the 3 pins to align the jig.
    2. use a 3/16th or 11/64th drill bit to mark the center of the expected exit of the hole. use the hole marked front.
    3. remove the jig and reinstall in the rear of the cam gear. using the same bit, align and drill the hole, go slow, and use oil.
    4. as the main bore breaks the surface, you can check that the predicted center matches the actual bore.
    5. remove the jig, and test fit. at this point the cam should not slip directly onto the gear. the hole will have to be refined with a file or a 13/64ths bit to actually accommodate the alignment pin.
    6. refine the hole by using a larger bit to chamfer the edge on the rear of the gear.
    7. install in the car!