Quantity   Component name
1 × Freetech P5F72 Motherboard ATX 4x PCI, 4x ISA 16 Intel 82430VX Chipset, 512KB L2 Cache Onboard
1 × Intel Pentium MMX 200MHz Internal Clock, 3.7V, 66MHz Bus Speed, Socket 7
2 × 8MB EDO SIMM RAM This board accepts DIMM RAM, but it was cheaper/easier to obtain SIMMs at auction (and certainly closer to the original experience.
1 × 2GB SanDisk Compact Flash Card Ensure you get a high-quality (probably more expensive) card, as the write-cycles on low-end cards are unsuitable.
1 × Syba IDE to CF Card Adaptor - Direct Insert These are pre-jumpered to accept power from a floppy cable, so ensure you pick a power supply that has a spare floppy power connector!
1 × 3dfx Voodoo2 12MB (BMC312) You can optionally get two of these, as they're properly SLI compatible and can double the performance.
1 × Samsung SC-148 48x CD-ROM An earlier CD-ROM drive would work too; however I wanted one that ran on the IDE bus and was just new enough to be capable of reading CD-Rs for ease of data transfer.
1 × Diamond Stealth 4MB PCI VGA Adapter Apart possibly from the Tseng Labs variants, this is probably the best pre-super VGA card you can get.
1 × SoundBlaster AWE32 CT3780 ISA-16 Any ol' SoundBlaster, AdLib, GUS, or Roland sound device will work, but I'm partial to the AWE32.
1 × Hipro HP-D3057F3R 300W Power Supply Earlier PCs don't require terribly high voltages, even under load. Spring for 400W if you don't feel safe.
1 × Floppy Cable If you want a 5.25" drive, you'll need a floppy cable with the edge connector in addition to the normal 34-pin connector.
1 × IDE Cable For the CD-ROM, you'll need one. (More if you opt for an actual hard drive instead of the CF card.)
1 × ATX Case Pick a case, any case!