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A project log for Morgan Industries G-125T Injection Molding Machine

A project that documents the installation, preparation and testing of the DesignLab's new Injection Molder

Supplyframe DesignLabSupplyframe DesignLab 03/15/2017 at 20:550 Comments

In late November, we had our Morgan Industries G-125T and accessories delivered! It arrived in a coffin sized crate, that presented a bit of a challenge: how do you get a 400 pound injection molding machine out of a crate when it was shipped horizontally and needs to be lifted onto a workbench - particularly when you don't have a ceiling crane or hoist to use.

Well, as it turns out the solution to that is teamwork! I roped in a group of operations staff from the Supplyframe corporate office and together we cajoled, connived and eventually convinced the Morgan Press to take up residence on its new workbench here in our loading dock.

One careful lift at a time, the DesignLab welcomes its new baby, a Morgan Inudstries Injection Molding Press!
— SupplyframeDesignLab (@SupplyframeDL) January 4, 2017

A little more careful moving and sliding... and the purchase of one substantially more stable work platform from McMaster-Carr later, the press was located and ready for hookup.