Quantity   Component name
1 × Morgan Industries G-125T Injection Molding Machine This is the major unit in the entire system.
1 × Option - Tool Pre Heat Plate The preheat plate is designed to preheat the mold, called a "tool", prior to injection.
1 × Option - Anti Drool Nozzle Prevents the injection nozzle from spitting melted plastic before or between shots, and allows the injector to pre-pack material to facilitate full shots sizes.
1 × Option - Pneumatic Hookup Kit A series of filters, lubricators and regulators pre-configured at the factory to make my life easier designing the pneumatic system to support the press.
1 × Quincy QT-5 Air Compressor 5HP, 80 Gallon, 2 Stage Air Compressor. This should be more than sufficient to provide air to both the Morgan Press, and run lines to the workshop too.