it´s CAD time!

A project log for Lightsource for a microscope ringlight

A project with the mission to replace an old lightsource for a microscope ringlight from leica.

ØysteinØystein 03/17/2017 at 10:140 Comments

I have only shown you the results of the CADing I have been doing for this project. So I thought I could tell you a little about how i made it. I used to make the enclosure. I the imported it into fusion 360. And struggled for two hours to make the svg scale correctly. The solution I/Stian at bitraf found was to divide the certain length by what it was supposed to be in real life. The reason I coulnd´t measure the entire length was because makercase lays your case parts out in a pattern without specifying any measurements of how large the whole cut area is.

A cut the case out three times, One for a mockup, one with vent holes and holes for threaded rods and the last time to correct a mistake I did with placement of two of the holes for the threaded rods + lovering the input hole for the faceplate. Now I have to model a platform that the heatsink and LED will rest on and a 3d printed bracket to hold the heatsink. Wish me luck!