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A project log for Lightsource for a microscope ringlight

A project with the mission to replace an old lightsource for a microscope ringlight from leica.

ØysteinØystein 03/20/2017 at 00:170 Comments

So I started printing out the brackets for heatsink. The first one started spinning around on the print bed after some layers. After applying some glue from a gluestick that problem was solved.

Well, Nope. lets try again.

So her eis the whole peace. Many of the measurements was correct. Some of them was not. One measurement that was wrong was the distance from the screwhole on the bracket to the heatsink fins. the reason it was that the outer heatsink fin was bent when I measured it with the caliper. Here is a overview so you can si where it will be in the case. Note that the platform under the heatsink that the bracket is going to be connected to is not build.

So after some refinements I have a new model! I will print it tomorrow: