Tremor Tracker

A low cost way for land owners to monitor seismic events on their property

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A project using Arduino and raspberry Pi to monitor seismic events on their land that could be caused by fracking.

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hornig wrote 05/13/2017 at 15:29 point

Hey Matzhew and team, I found your project when looking for "seismic" on hackaday.

May I ask for our project how you "base" your quake sensor? I mean, on what fundament would you put your sensor?
For our quick and dirty test during the NASA Space Apps Challenge 2017, we
just put it on a window, because we wanted it to serve as a "membrane"
receiving the sound waves of a nearby construction site. But we guess it
is totally different for tremors and earth movements.

It would be really cool to get a feedback from you :)


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